Monday, September 26, 2011

Setting up Davmail for Multiple Exchange Server

My company is using Microsoft Exchange Server. Therefore my corporate email can only be accessed using Microsoft Oulook or using Web browser. Because the Microsoft Oulook is installed in my office computer, I have to use Web browser to read the email when I am not in the office. I do not like reading email on Web browser. Therefore I use Davmail, a software created by Mickaël Guessant. DavMail is a gateway allowing users to use any mail client (e.g. Thunderbird ) with an Microsoft Exchange server.
Recently, my other email service provider which formerly using IMAP4 protocol moved to Microsoft Exchange Server. Then, I tried to find how to configure Davmail to access these two emails accounts which are on different Exchange servers. Unfortunately, as I read in Davmail archive forum, Davmail has not support multiple accounts on different Exchange server with one DavMail interface.
Today I read on Davmail FAQ, it is possible to run multiple instances of DavMail. The instruction is not so clear for me. Thanks God, after the trials and errors below, I can access both emails accounts with two DavMail gateways run on my computer.
The following instruction is about how to configure the second gateway properties, to enable Davmail to access two emails accounts from different Microsoft Exchange Server. Before begining, please make sure the Davmail run on your computer. About how to install Davmail, please follow instruction on Davmail website.

1. Go to START Menu and click RUN davmail 1.jpg
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2. Type davmail and click OK davmail 2.jpg

3. After Davmail setting window poped up, fill the url with the your second email OWA Exchange url. Then change the ports numbers. Your second email ports numbers have to be different with your existing Davmail gateway ports.
davmail 4a.jpg 

4. Open your email client (I use Thunderbird. Davmail can work for almost any email client). Go to Tools > Account Setting. Configure your second email server setting. As usual, fill "localhost" as server name. Then, change the ports number. Make sure the ports number in your second email client and the the ports number in Second Davmail Interface are same davmail 6.jpg

5. Now, you will see two DavMails icons. davmail 8.jpg

6. To check the settings, try to retrive mails of your existing and the your Second email accounts. If you follow above instruction correctly, you will be able to access both emails accounts.
Note: Only the existing Davmail gateway run automaticaly. when you start your windows. You need to run the second Davmail gateway manually. Go to START Menu, click RUN, type davmail and click OK
Thank you for Mickaël Guessant who created this great software.


  1. Dear blogger (sorry, but I couldn't figure out your name),

    the links to the pictures seem to be broken. Could please have a look into this? I'd like to see that information as it is exactly what I'm looking for.

    Thank you,


    1. Thank you, Jochen. I didn't know that the links to the pictures is broken. I will revise it soon.

  2. Thanks for this. There is some indication in the DavMail instructions that you can add a line to this second set of settings to the config file. I just can't figure out what config file that refers to and how to edit it.



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