Sunday, July 27, 2008

OT 525 is Back From Dead

Almost 2 weeks ago, I found my old Alcatel OT 525 could not be switched on. I thought the keypad is damaged. I don't have any idea to fix it, and as far as I know there is no Alcatel service center in Jakarta. Fortunately I have another cell phone.

Although Alcatel OT 525 is an old cell phone, I like this phone very much. It is light, simple and more important, it has some features that I need and not commonly available in new cell phone. Especially Call Barring. I always activate this feature to block unwanted callers.
Today, I just about to browse Forum Ponsel. I know there are many Alcatel users who willing to share informations and their experiences. I hope I will find information to fix my OT 525.
While waiting for my laptop starting up, almost unintentionally, I pushed a key of the OT 525, and I surprised.............. the display light up. Still not sure, I switched it off and on again and again...... it looks normal. So I put my SIM card and made a call to make sure it's OK. And... thanks God, my OT 525 is back from dead..............

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